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Whether you received a citation from the fire marshal, or have an emergency clogged or separated chute, we can help. We stock doors and all components from every chute manufacturer. Call Terra Pacific to schedule your free chute inspection.

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Regular cleaning and scheduled maintenance of trash chutes can help to prevent the build-up of grease and odor, ensuring that the chutes are clean safely operating.

Fire risk reduction

The NFPA considers the buildup of grease on chute walls a fire hazard. Clean chutes lowers the risk of fire and improves the longevity of the entire system.

Odor control

Trash chute cleaning can help eliminate odors, making it more pleasant for your tenants to use the chutes. We utilize non-toxic cleaning solutions and work to ensure proper chute ventilation.

Regular maintenance

Helps to identify small problems before they become big ones, which can save you from having to pay for expensive repairs down the line.

From new installations to repairs & regular maintenance

Terra Pacific will help ensure your chute systems operate safely and meet fire code requirements. Our regularly scheduled maintenance services help to proactively identify and correct repairs before they lead to breakdowns. Additionally, we offer consulting services that integrate recycling and zero waste principles into the design phase of renovations and new construction which results in the smooth and efficient management of waste for the lifetime of the property.

Industries we serve

Hotels & Resorts
Senior Living
Student Housing

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We are your one-stop shop for building services, chute installation and maintenance, and waste management. From pressure washing to trash bill audits, we've got you covered.

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