Junk Removal

Unlike other junk removal services, Terra Pacific prioritizes waste prevention and goes the extra mile to ensure that items removed find a new home, when possible.

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We take pride in ensuring that necessary safety procedures are in place to keep our customers, staff and the community safe and free from injury. With a focus on cleanliness and environmental stewardship, we find the value in junk by keeping as much of it as possible out of landfills.


Keeping your property clean and well-maintained improves the perception of your space.

Zero Waste Focus

We prioritize waste prevention. If an item we collect during during junk removal can be sold, donated, or in some way repurposed to avoid the landfill, we will make it happen.


Our service is also cost-effective, offering competitive rates and flexible pricing options to fit your budget.

Removal of large items that are difficult to transport or dispose.

From illegal dumping to spring cleaning, we are available on-demand to serve your junk removal needs. And unlike your local waste hauler and other junk removal companies, we prioritize waste prevention and do all that we can to keep collected materials out of the landfill.

Industries we serve

Manufacturing & Distribution
Student Housing

Your Building Services and Waste Reduction Experts

We are your one-stop shop for building services, chute installation and maintenance, and waste management. From pressure washing to trash bill audits, we've got you covered.

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