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Commercial Waste Solutions

Responsible and economical waste management involves more than just having a trash hauler. Yet, many property owners and managers don’t give it more consideration. Why?

Waste seems simple enough, a trash hauler sets up a service and bills you monthly for trash hauling. Since there is little information about commercial trash hauling rates or available options, most properties have the exact same trash service that was originally set up by the trash hauler. The truth is trash hauling can be much more cost effective! Terra Pacific Waste Management clients often realize a 15 % to 40 % savings in monthly trash hauling expense by deploying a better waste model. In addition, we evaluate the other waste issues impacting operations that include:

  • Reduced Costs - reducing monthly trash hauling expense.

  • Trash handling - pinpointing the real cost of trash handling (labor).

  • Recycling - how improved recycling further reduces monthly trash hauling expense.

  • Trash collection - issues like trash chutes or moving trash bins.

  • Cleanliness - designated trash areas and odors caused by waste.

  • Maintenance and repair - is it applicable to machinery at your property.

  • Management - since each city has its own trash rates and recycling programs, managing waste across several properties or a portfolio is difficult.

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