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Waste Audits

Commercial property owners and managers are literally throwing away money!

Responsible and economical waste management involves more than just having a monthly trash hauling service. Yet, many property owners and managers don’t give it more consideration. Why?

Waste seems simple enough; a trash hauler sets up a trash hauling service and bills you each month. Since there is little information about commercial trash hauling rates or the options available, most properties have the exact same service that was originally set up. The truth is trash hauling can be much more cost effective! Terra Pacific Waste Management customers often realize a 15 % to 40 % savings in monthly trash hauling expense.


Which properties benefit from a waste audit?

Since little information exists about commercial trash hauling rates and available options, a waste audit benefits:

  • Any property that spends over $1,500 monthly on trash hauling.

  • Any property that generates a large volume of co-mingled recyclabes, cardboard, or food waste.

  • A property that doesn't have a current recycling program or is looking to improve an existing one. 

  • A property that has 2 or more trash compactors.

  • A property that has one trash compactor that is hauled multiple times each week.

  • Any portfolio of commercial properties.

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