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Building codes now require all chute doors be inspected. Chute doors are vital to your building's and residents safety.

Some of the common problems that are fire code violations:

  • Grease/Sludge Build-up: this build up can lead to grease trash fires.

  • Holes and Tears: Trash chutes can become damaged from corrosion or heavy items. Any damage will allow smoke or flame in the chute to escape and spread to other floors.

  • Broken or Missing Discharge Doors: All trash chutes are required to have a functioning “Discharge Door”. Referred to as a “guillotine” door) is designed to close automatically in the event of a fire.

  • Broken or Damaged Trash and Linen Doors: All doors that act as trash or linen intake doors must be fire-rated. They must also self-close and self-latch, to prevent smoke and flame from escaping through them.


Terra Pacific provides all the trash chute parts, repairs, and maintenance needed:

  • UL-rated, self-closing, self-latching stainless steel trash & Linen chute doors.

  • Replacement Parts – T-Handles; Thumb Latch Assemblies; Latch Bolts; Hydraulic & Gas-Shock Closers, Discharge Doors, Fusible Links and Springs.

  • Complete trash chute door service to lubricate & Adjust doors; tighten all hardware; treat with anti-corrosive spray to inhibit rusting, fusible link and discharge door checks for proper working condition.

  • On-going maintenance and inspection.

Trash chute cleaning reduces odor and air pollutants.

It is recommended that trash chutes get cleaned twice a year. Terra Pacific uses a 3-step process to clean chutes- a degreaser applied to take care of grease/sludge build-up, a chemical spray to eliminate nasty germs, and a deodorizer to reduce the odors. Clean trash chutes means happy residents.

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