Chute Cleaning & Pressure Wash Services

Trash chutes can become a potential fire hazard when grease and sludge build up over time. Our 3 step process cleans, deodorizes, and is environmentally safe. We use 3,800 PSI pressure & steam washers with natural antibacterials and cleaners. First we pre-soak the chutes with an aggressive antibacterial, then rinse with a high pressure 360° rotary sprayer. Finally an odor neutralizing agent is applied.


No minimum service agreement needed however, quarterly service is the most economical. To control the most typical odor levels in a chute, we recommended at minimum bi-annual cleaning.



We also clean common areas, compactors, trash rooms, building exteriors and garages. Serving all of California.

Once your order is placed a representative will call you to confirm pricing and scope.

Chute Cleaning & Pressure Wash Services

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