AirStreme AirPro-3, 110V, White

Introducing the AirPro system part of the AirStreme line of products by Ecolo, with features and versatility like no other system in the industry. The AirPro integrates advanced solid state electronics and durable oilless compressors into one sleek and refi ned package. Imagine having the flexibility of interval times up to 100 minutes and cycle times up to 20 seconds packaged in a corrosion resistant NEMA enclosure.

The AirPro system is specially designed to control multiple satellites in different locations. The unit is combined with any ASU to atomize AirSolution and to neutralize
odors in: Garbage Areas – Storage Areas – Industrial Facilities – Exhaust Stacks – Recycling Plants – Loading Docks – HVAC Systems – Anywhere Odor is a Problem

AirStreme AirPro-3, 110V, White

SKU: 10-AIR-0130
  • Weight:

    29 lbs


    18 × 18 × 15 in