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New Construction

Waste services are one of the most overlooked variables in new construction and one oversight can cause major operational flaws. Specifically, construction and operations are disconnected about waste and it’s a large issue in multi-family development.

Terra Pacific offers a “best practices” solution for a new project working through multiple waste scenarios with architects, builders, and developers. Our services begin early in the design phase working with architects to evaluate the available waste options. Terra Pacific has created many waste solutions for all types of new construction.



  • Waste Volume Analysis - Click here for report

  • Trash rooms or corrals design including height requirements, electrical, proper access and ventilation

  • Recommended trash equipment

  • Necessary trash staging areas if applicable

  • Access to designated trash areas for operations and the trash hauler

  • Odor control and noise abatement recommendations

  • On-going plan review


  • Monitor current on-site conditions and adaption to variations

  • Scheduled on-site visits

  • Coordination between trades

  • Trash chute & equipment procurement and installation



  • How waste impacts a new project once it’s turned over to operations

  • Operations Report – Waste handling labor on-site Click here for report

  • Recommendations for a pro-active waste handling program

  • On-site logistics like towing bins, staging trash for pick-up, and cleanliness

  • Suggested weekly trash hauling pick-up schedule

  • Utilization of trash staging areas if applicable

  • Resident satisfaction- community recycling needs and availability

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