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Maintenance and Repair Services

Back in 1978 our sister company started selling and repairing trash compactors and balers. As a result, we have repaired and maintained all kinds of compactor or balers over the past 30+ years. Terra Pacific has learned that compactors and balers that are well-maintained cost less than compactor and balers that are unattended. In addition, downtime on a compactor or baler can cause trash hauler issues or impact on-site resources.

Preventative Maintenance

Just like an automobile, compactors and balers typically get used every day and there are many moving parts. Metal rubbing against metal, hydraulic systems (including oil), electrical systems, switches and a control panel are major parts in all trash machinery.

Preventative Maintenance programs target these items by allowing one of our qualified technicians to service your equipment quarterly, semi-annually or annually, based on the type and volume of waste. The age and type of equipment also plays a major role in your maintenance needs.

Preventative Maintenance- each call includes a 9 point checklist:

  • Inspection of Electrical Control Panel: Check switches and connections proper operation.

  • Safety and Limit Switches: Inspect and adjust

  • Operation: Warning lights, pressure gauge, key switches and emergency stop.

  • Structure: Physical appearance, wear points, ground anchors, wiper blade and follower plate.

  • Lubrication and Inspection: Door hinges, door handles, paddle latches, turnbuckles, access gates, motor, motor coupling, ram track and guides.

  • Hydraulic System Check: Condition of hoses and fittings, oil levels, cylinder shaft wear and leakage. Operating pressure check.

  • Safety Standards: OSHA and ANSI standards, infractions will be noted with suggested repairs

  • Container: Physical condition of rollers, door hinges, and latching mechanisms

  • Rear Door Seal: Since compactors are liquid tight, maintaining the door seal is important

Preventative Maintenance- each call includes a 9 point checklist:

  • Identify problem(s): Work with customer to use the compactor issues

  • Diagnose: Many issues can be fixed immediately while others need the necessary parts

  • Quote for repair: Quick turnaround on quote

  • Other problem areas: Make repair suggestions on other issues that will cause problems in the next 90- 120 days

  • Repair: Schedule repair to meet customer needs

Terra Pacific removes the headache of dealing with trash. Contact us today about our preventative maintenance programs or to schedule a repair.

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