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Retail shopping centers generate a substantial amount of waste and recyclables. Each retail center has specific waste needs depending on the size of the center and its tenants. Restaurants, fast food establishments, chain retailers, grocery stores, and specialty stores create additional waste challenges. Terra Pacific and its affiliates have been creating retail waste solutions for 35 years including many of the top ten fast food franchises. Terra Pacific's retail waste solutions include:

•Reduced Costs - The best waste model uses the right equipment, recycling, and monitoring systems. This ensures the true volume of waste and guarantees the lowest possible monthly trash hauling costs.

•Recycling - Besides further lowering monthly trash hauling costs, recycling keeps waste out of landfills. Terra Pacific has managed recycling programs for co-mingled recyclables, corrugated cardboard, and food waste.

•Food Waste - This technology is rapidly changing. Depending on the volume of food waste, many options exist to reduce expense and increase staff efficiency.

•Equipment maintenance and repair - Often overlooked, waste equipment maintenance & repair improves machinery ROI and decreases downtime.

•Management - since each city has its own trash rates and recycling plan, managing waste across multiple locations or a portfolio is difficult.

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