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Faced with tightening profit margins, restaurants are looking for ways to improve the bottom line. Reduced monthly trash hauling expense means reduced operating expense. Many options are available to handle food waste from traditional waste equipment to food digesters. Some of these solutions can fit right in the kitchen where waste is being generated.

Terra Pacific and its affiliates have assisted hundreds of fast food chains and restaurants with waste solutions that include:

•Reduced Costs - The best waste model uses the right equipment, recycling, and monitoring systems. This ensures the true volume of waste and guarantees the lowest possible trash hauling costs.

•Recycling - Besides further lowering monthly trash hauling costs, many organizations are reducing the amount of waste going to landfills. Terra Pacific has recycling programs for co-mingled recyclables, corrugated cardboard, and food waste.

•Food Waste - The technology for food waste is rapidly changing. Depending on the volume of food waste, many options exist to reduce expense and increase staff efficiency.

•Cleanliness - Better waste solutions mean cleaner kitchens and designated trash areas.

•Equipment maintenance and repair - Often overlooked, waste equipment maintenance & repair improves machinery ROI and decreases downtime.

•Management - Since each city has its own trash rules and rates; managing waste across multiple locations is difficult.

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