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Terra Pacific’s founding company has been creating better commercial recycling solutions since 1978. Since then regulations, expectations, and keeping waste out of landfills have shaped the need for higher recycling rates across all commercial properties. As the demand for increased recycling rates continues, improved recycling programs will continue to play a major role in the commercial waste stream. In California, recycling for apartments and commercial properties is now a law. (AB 341)

Finding information about commercial recycling rates or options is difficult. Most trash haulers don’t offer “best practices” solutions for co-mingled recyclables, corrugated cardboard, or food waste. In fact, a trash hauler's typical solution is adding more recycling bins which usually increases the monthly expense of trash hauling. Terra Pacific has assisted many commercial property owners in removing recyclables from the waste stream and reducing expense. Terra Pacific offers many solutions to increase recycling like managed programs, improved collection efforts, equipment, and awareness.

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