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Hospitals and other healthcare facilities generate a substantial amount of solid waste. Since they run on a 24/7 schedule, having a reliable waste management partner is vital. Terra Pacific and its affiliates have assisted hundreds of healthcare facilities with waste solutions. In addition, our in-house service department can respond quickly to any compactor or baler repairs. Terra Pacific has assisted hospitals and healthcare facilities with waste solutions issues that include:

•Reduced Costs - The best waste model uses the right equipment, recycling, and monitoring systems. This ensures the true volume of waste and guarantees the lowest possible monthly trash hauling costs.

•Recycling - Besides further reducing monthly trash hauling costs, companies are reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfills. Terra Pacific has recycling programs for co-mingled recyclables, cardboard, and food waste.

•Food Waste - The technology for food waste is rapidly changing. Depending on the volume of food waste, many options exist to reduce expense and increase on-site efficiency.

•Waste Collection - Since waste is generated in many areas like patient rooms, restaurants, and cafeterias, a pro-active waste plan improves staff productive.

•Equipment maintenance and repair - Often overlooked, waste equipment maintenance & repair improves machinery ROI and decreases downtime.

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