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Apartment Communities

Unlike any other type of property, apartment communities face big challenges with waste. Community managers are concerned with the rising expense of trash hauling, keeping on-site trash handling labor to a minimum, and maintaining a beautiful community. Service managers want reliable partners that respond quickly to issues and strive to improve on-site operations. Residents want clean safe trash areas and increased recycling efforts. Terra Pacific’s apartment waste solutions make both managers and residents happy:

•Reduced costs - lower monthly trash hauling expense.

•Recycling - further decrease monthly trash hauling expense.

•Trash handling - reduce labor for on-site maintenance teams.

•Cleanliness - control odors caused by waste.

•Resident satisfaction - recycling availability and cleanliness of designated trash areas.

•Safety - trash chutes, doors, handles, and trash areas.

•Trash collection - issues like towing bins and removal of bulky items.

•Management - since each city has its own trash rates and recycling programs, managing waste across several communities or a portfolio is difficult.

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Apartment Communities

Can your apartment community benefit from FREE on-site services?


Terra Pacific can pick up bilk items, power wash trash areas, clean trash chutes, and implement recycling programs without impacting your budget at all.

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